Medieval city and capital of Périgord Noir, is located less than 20 kms from Les Cascades campsite. Sarlat is known for the richness of its gastronomy and renowned for its exceptional medieval monuments. Sarlat is also its producers' market on Saturdays, its festivals and its summer events.


Is located in the heart of the Périgord Noir, 12 km south of Sarlat and at 6 km distance of the campsite. This wonderful medieval village, built on top of a rock, offers you a magificent view on the river Dordogne, the surrounding landscapes and villages. The ancient architecture of this village, constructed with ocher stones, is absolutely worth a visit.


Was built in the Middle Ages on the spot where the river Céou enters the river Dordogne, at 5 km from the campsite. From the top of the castle you can see the lush Dordogne valley, the castle of Beynac as well as the beautiful village La Roque Gageac against the rocks.


Beynac castle dominates the valley from its mountaintop since the year 1115. During a visit at this castle you can travel through 5 centuries of French history in the footsteps of Richard Lionheart and Simon from Montfort and you can experience a sense of the Hundred Years’ War. The tower from the 14th century offers you an unforgettable view on the 5 surrounding castles and the Dordogne valley.


Is one of the prettiest villages of France. It was built against the uprising rocks aside the river and has, thanks to its location, an almost mediterranean climat. You can vist this lovely village walking through its picturesque little streets, alleys and stairways but to sail alongside it in a tour boat or canoe is also a wonderful experience.


At the foot of the hill of Lascaux a brand new international centre of prehistorical art and cave paintings is created, since 2016. Here you can see, thanks to the newest technologies, the exact reproductions of all of Lascaux’s original drawings, next to a view on the caveman’s first steps and developments.